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Looking to purchase hay for your polo ponies? Look no further than Brandywine Polo's long time friends Peter Hicks & Jamie Hicks of Meadow Springs Farm. Meadow Springs Farm generously donates their time and equipment to manage all of Brandywine Polo Clubs manure removal throughout the polo season. They also spread 27 Tri-axle loads of sand last season for our upgraded Weymouth field. They are great guys and hard workers. Order today!
How Do They Do That?
Hay Cutting
For the past four years Hicks Brothers of Meadow Spring Farms has been taking large bales and cutting them down to small bales with their hay cutter. Watch the video to see the process.
Cool Idea
Beat the sun this summer with a cool and clever tailgate umbrella, one that fits right into your car or truck's hitch. Much easier than putting up a tent wouldn't you say, and what a great Father's Day gift idea. Buy early and buy Blue for Brandywine. Available on Ebay, Amazon or TailBrella.com
Schedule Update
Dear All,
30 more days of social distancing. We got this! BPC schedule remains the same. We'll keep you posted. Take care and stay healthy.
Sincerely, Brandywine Polo Management
The time has come to try something super fun, OTP. OTP stands for Orientation To Polo and is an introductory polo class for those wanting to try polo in the safety of a fun, easy going group of like minded friends. For one price you will have 4 polo lessons + 1 polo match. All riding takes place in the arena. Email us to put your name on the list and we will call you when we start organizing classes mid May.
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