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Living Polo - Weekly Newsletter No.1 May 2013

LivingPolo ™  - NEWS & LIFESTYLE Newsletter
May 2013
Twelve up-to 12-goal teams in Cowdray Park Polo Club event
More Tyro Cup action
One of the season-opening tournaments at the Cowdray Park Polo Club is approaching the semi-finals’...
New handicap raise announced for 2015 season
Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series continues to grow
Following another highly successful Dubai Polo Gold Series in 2013, the event which includes the Silver Cup...
By Alex Webbe, US Senior Correspondent
Piaget to face Audi in USPA Spring Challenge finals
Heavy rains and damp fields delayed the first round of play in the 2013 USPA Spring Challenge at the Grand...
First edition of program, filmed during Estancia Jagorawi Cup at Singapore Polo Club
The Polo Series, 1st Episode
A new edition of the Estancia Jagorawi Cup took place on March 23rd/24th at the Singapore Polo Club, involving...
Title deciding match at Guards Polo Club this Sunday
The Spring Tournament final: It’s Black Eagles vs. Oakholt
The Spring Tournament semi-finals were played this Saturday at England’s Guards Polo Club, this being...
Heavy rainfalls lead to ladies and youngsters tournaments being posponed until May 12th
Jockey Club schedule delayed
This weekend, the tournaments for ladies and for youngsters were meant to go ahead at the Jockey Club de San...
Images from the Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere at the IMAX, London as well as the Leicester Square Premiere
Star Trek Into Darkness London Premiere
Abierto de La Aguada Polo Club final played this Thursday
La Aguada El Dok foursome claims title at Open Door
Despite menacing weather conditions that led to the subisdiary final not being played, the main final of the...
Two tournaments going ahead this Saturday at San Isidro (Argentina)
Polo for ladies and for youngsters at the Jockey Club
The Jockey Club de San Isidro, located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, is preparing for its first edition of...
Low-handicap, four-team tournament at Polo Club de Chantilly
Cuisine Attitude foursome claims Trophée Veronica
The final of the low-handicap, four-team Trophée Veronica tournament was played this Sunday (April...
Star Trek Into Darkness London Premiere
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