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HolAmpurdan Newsletter 07 (English)

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newsletter 07
Dear friends,
The "HolAmpurdán Newsletter" presents its seventh edition with new stories, news and curiosities. Sit down for a minute and enjoy it!

We are waiting, as always, with open arms!

La Golondrina Ampurdanesa
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On 25 and 26 February was held on "I Carnival Arena Polo Cup" international. A contest of masks for both children and adults, which participated with fun and varied models were made. Also, this event was accompanied of course ... with a tasty Argentine barbecue and live music.                                  

Photos: Claudia Quintana.
On 15 and 16 April come with your family to the "V Spring Polo Cup!. There will be live music from" Main Out "that will make you move your body, you can taste the delicious food of food trucks and take the delicious cocktails made with genuine affection for the welfare of your body. and if you want to take something home, enjoy crafts, decoration and style of our clothes Polo Market!.


One of the most beautiful horses in the world come from the Akhal-Teke, originally from Turkmenistan race.
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This month we had recorded in Panorama 1526 "Go! " . A young Catalan folk band will be talking about in the coming months. Cool music and fun lyrics that will brighten your day.
The new album is now available "All in" of Muyayo Rif Barcelona - based band that has released his fourth album recorded and mixed at Panorama 1526. + info
Here is the video of the making of "City of Quartz" Paul Yupton, recorded in our study.

Take a look at these video clips of Xarim Aresté1 and Xarim Aresté2 recorded in our study.
Photos: Claudia Quintana, Muyayo Rif and Xarim Aresté
Music also has its place in the " Oscars ". Here's a review of some of the songs that have won an Oscar.
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