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Wheels Up! It's almost time to celebrate.

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Meet Denver Polo Club's the Wonderful  Dr Marvin

Wheels Up! It's almost time to celebrate.

We're celebrating Dr. Marvin Beeman Colorado-style

Friday, Saturday, and SundayJune 1 - 3
Join Denver Polo Club and Wheels Up for a full weekend of all things equestrian, including Grand Prix Jumping, The Dr. Beeman Cup polo tournament, PBR Bull Riding, the Arapahoe Hunt hounds, and a special tribute to Colorado's own Dr. Marvin Beeman.
14-year-old Marvin Beeman on the hunt

Meet Dr. Marvin Beeman

Dr. Beeman is a pillar of Colorado’s equine community, serving at Littleton Equine Medical Center (formerly Littleton Large Animal Clinic) since 1957. An internationally recognized innovator and educator in the equestrian field, his specialties include lameness and musculoskeletal issues, with a career marked by publications, presentations, and honors worldwide.In honor of his contributions to the education of equestrians, Dr. Beeman is the recipient of countless accolades. These include Colorado Veteranarian of the Year, Honor Alumnus Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement, Citizen of the West award, American Horse Council’s Distinguished Service award, and inductions to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and International Stockman’s Hall of Fame, among many more.In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. Beeman is a lifelong horseman. He whipped-in to his father at the Arapahoe Hunt for 42 years and has been the huntsman for the past 29 years. All the horses he has ridden and raised during these 71 years have come from the breeding program developed by his father and Mr. L.C. Phipps Jr.  He played polo (final rating at 3 goals) for many years on ponies that were from the same breeding program. Dr. Beeman succeeds his father as an inductee of the HFHA Huntsman Hall of Fame, making them the only father-son inductees among the group. 2018 marks his retirement from 75 years of whipping in and hunting of the Arapahoe Hounds. 
Join us in celebrating his lifetime of accomplishments!
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