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New patented stud, incredibly easy to put in!

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Easy Stud launch in March 2018

Will not cross-thread or your money back!


If you have ever become frustrated when trying to insert a screw-in stud into your horse’s shoes, then this is the site for you. We have spent the last 2 years developing the perfect stud. It has all the advantages of the current system but is much more user-friendly.


1.       Cannotbe cross-threaded

2.       Cannotbe over-tightened

3.       Very easy to use

4.       The farrier does exactly as he/she does now but just uses a different tap to threadthe hole

5.       Do not become loose and fall out, even during polo matches

6.       Quality UK manufacturer

Disadvantages compared to the current systems available on the market.


The current screw-in stud was first patented in 1917 which just proves how efficient and successful the original design was. It has been used in virtually every country in the world over the last 100 years. The simple concept has been very successful because it is easy for the farrier to apply in the shoe and very effective when the studis screwed in straight and true.

The problems start when, for several reasons, the stud is cross-threaded. It can be that the horse is fidgeting as the studs are inserted, or simply the fact that the fine thread isvery difficult to screw in straight. This damages the thread that was inserted by the farrier. Then, problems are compounded when the user thinks that the stud may not stay in and so tightens it more and more until the thread simply does not work anymore.

Various other designs have been tried but none has caught on because they always solve one problem but create others. For example, they may be easier to put in but often fall out during work and/or are much more difficult and time-consuming for the farrier to apply in the shoe.

Easy Stud has been developed after years of field trials with both farriers and owners. The stud works exactly the same as the current studs that you use at the moment but has a very clever patented thread which is impossible to cross-thread and is incredibly strong. When we subjected the Easy Stud to a torque test and tightened it to destruction, it was the stud itself that eventually gave in and not the thread. The thread is virtually indestructible.




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